Notes on organic fertilizer


1. Apply after ripening. Most bio organic fertilizers, such as newly purchased chicken manure and cow manure, often contain harmful substances such as bacteria, which are harmful to crops when used directly. Therefore, they should be used after accumulation and fermentation.

2. Organic and inorganic application. Organic fertilizer is full of nutrients, but the supply is often insufficient when the crop growth needs fertilizer peak; inorganic fertilizer is easy to decompose, which is conducive to crop absorption, but the aftereffect is insufficient. The application of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer can meet the requirement of crops.

3. Deep application of base fertilizer is the main way. Bio organic fertilizer has long-term fertilizer effect and slow nutrient release. It is generally used as base fertilizer. When deep ploughing, the application of organic fertilizer is conducive to the integration of soil and fertilizer, the formation of soil aggregate structure and the effective improvement of soil properties.

4. When applying fertilizer to dry land crops, if the organic fertilizer is applied directly between rows or near the roots of crops, it will cause physiological water loss of crops, form reverse osmosis phenomenon, and make the water and nutrients in the roots seep out. Therefore, bio organic fertilizer should be used as base fertilizer and mixed evenly in the soil.